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May 7th, 2021

8:00-8:30MAEDS Spring PD Day Welcome SessionJoin us for our kickoff meeting for the day.
8:30-9:30Incident Response PlansA recent survey sent out to technology leadership asked about your Incident Response Plans. In this section we will go through a sample plan and brainstorm responses to put into your own template. We will have the benefit of input from many technology experts across the state.

Session Presenter:
Andy Brush, Cybersecurity Partnerships, State of Michigan DTMB
8:30-9:30Long Range Technology PlanningHave you recently purchased a great deal of devices for your district? What plans do you have for replacement 5-6 years down the road? In this session we will look at templates and plans that can be used immediately with administration to plan out your technology purchases for 5-10 years.

Session Presenter:
Brandi Reynolds, Director of Technology, Northwest Education Services (Formerly TBAISD)
2 Hour
Step-by-Step Introduction to Identity Management Using PowerShellFor several years, Chris Thomas and Eric Krebill have presented at MAEDS events about creating an identity management tool using PowerShell as the foundation. While these sessions were beneficial for some, not everyone had the time or the background knowledge to take what was presented and put it into practice. The purpose of this session will be to take a look at these scripts from the beginning to learn how they work and offer a step-by-step walkthrough of how to make scripts that will be ready to work in your district. This session is intended to be a beginner level session for those with little working knowledge of PowerShell or of how to utilize PowerShell in an identity management system.

Session Presenter(s):
Eric Krebill, Technology Director, Tri County Area Schools
Chris Thomas, Desktop Engineer, Ingham ISD
9:45-10:45K12 Cyber Security Case Study: A Continuing EvolutionHow WISD K12 Cyber Security practices have evolved from 2017 to now, based on a malware attack which occurred in the fall of 2018. We will be discussing what our security and tools were prior to that attack, and how we improved our security posture by implementing new technology, strategies, policies and practices.

Session Presenters:
Brandon Russeau, Technical Specialist II, Washtenaw ISD
Bill Coury, Lead Desktop Support Specialist, Washtenaw ISD
11:00-12:00How Secure Are Your Backups?According to the FBI, K12 schools were the top target for Ransomware attacks in 2020. How are you protecting your data and backups? In this session, we will review some ways you can help reduce your chances of ransomware compromising your backups.

Session Presenter:
David Larson, Network Engineer, Livingston ESA
12:15-1:15Account Protection and MFA ImplementationAre you protecting your users authentication both on-premise and in the cloud? We will review recommended password policies, discuss the importance of MFA and how you can deploy this to your users, and tools to help monitor and alert you on suspicious activity.

Session Presenter:
Nicholas A. Hay, Director of Information Services, Monroe ISD
Bobby Hodges, Network Engineer, Wayne RESA
Bill Patterson, Network Security Analyst, Ingham ISD
1.5 hours
Protecting Local Machine Administrator Accounts with LAPSWhat LAPS is, why it’s important, and how to get started with implementation.

Session Presenter:
Bill Patterson, Network Security Analyst, Ingham ISD

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