2019 Pre-Conference Sessions

The following MAEDS partners are sponsoring pre-conference sessions at the MAEDS conference this year.

Please register for these as part of your conference registration.  If you would like to add a session please let Mark or Eric know and we will update your registration.

Apple Content Caching

Content caching is a macOS service that helps reduce Internet data usage and speed up software installation on Mac computers, iOS devices, and Apple TV. This session will provide a technical overview of content caching and project planning guidance for deploying content caching on your network.

Google for Education Security Summit

Balancing user satisfaction with the challenges your district currently faces around data security and protecting digital learners is no easy feat. In order to better support our schools Google for Education is partnering with Amplified IT to host a hands-on IT experience focused on Google for Education’s approach to keeping your online learning community safe.

This 1/2 day pre-conference session is a hands-on workshop focused on learning and sharing best practices to manage your school’s online presence. This workshop is one of 30 events being held across North America where we will explore Google’s security practices as well as some of our powerful security tools rooted in functionality and productivity, such as the Admin Console, DLP, Vault, and G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE).

We hope you'll sign-up here and join us!

Microsoft Manage your Windows 10, iOS and Android devices with Modern Management Workshop

Modern Management with Intune and Intune for Education where you will learn how to provision Windows 10 devices, deploy apps, manage policies and manage updates from the cloud without having to maintain an on-premises infrastructure. You will learn a simple way to deploy, manage and secure Windows 10 using features included in Microsoft 365. We will also highlight capabilities of managing iOS and Android devices. Bring your own devices to follow along in this hands on workshop.

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