Exhibitor fees for the 2023 conference are as follows:

  • Walking = $1,000
    • No booth. Space on shared information tables (approximately 2’ x 2’ available per Walking Exhibitor) will be available for marketing materials outside the Exhibit Hall.
    • Comes with two (2) Exhibitor Badges
  • Hallway booth = $1,250
    • 8’ wide x 8’ deep booth
    • Comes with two (2) Exhibitor Badges
  • Single booth = $1,500
    • 8’ wide x 8’ deep booth
    • Comes with two (2) Exhibitor Badges
  • Double booth = $4,000
    • Corner booth consisting of 2 - 8' x 8’ booths (see map for details)
    • Comes with six (6) Exhibitor Badges
  • Additional Exhibitor Badges = $450 each

Making booth selections during the application process

The Exhibitor booth option selected during the application process does not guarantee that an Exhibitor will be accepted to the conference, nor that they will be granted that specific option.

MAEDS will make every effort to accommodate each Exhibitor’s first preference. Due to limited availability of each type of booth, it may be necessary for MAEDS to award an Exhibitor with their alternate selection. A field is available on the application form to select an alternate option. Exhibitors will be contacted prior to awarding an alternate booth type to confirm selection.

Booth neighbor request

Booth neighbor requests will be accepted during the application process. Requests made after the application is submitted will not be accepted. MAEDS will make every effort to fulfill neighbor requests, however, depending on space and booth layout, neighbor requests are not guaranteed.

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