Help Wanted

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"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." - Phil Collins

One of the biggest strengths of the Fall MAEDS Conference is our excellent volunteer presenters.

Sessions at the conference run 60 minutes in length.  Each room has a screen, projector, VGA cable, wireless internet, power strip and a microphone available.

If a session is accepted, the speaker must still register for the conference.  The main presenter will be contacted by a member of the board to notify him/her of acceptance and to share any necessary conference registration instructions.

Vendors should not fill out a Call for Presenters form until they have been notified that they have received a spot at the conference (usually by early July).


The call for presenters form for the 2016 conference can be found here!

Highly recommended reading - Call for Presenters FAQ

This document is full of information that all potential session presenters should read before submitting a Call for Presenters form.  Learn what criteria the MAEDS board uses when selecting sessions as well as some helpful hints on how to get your session chosen.


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